About Red Spade Investigations

Established in 2006, Red Spade Investigations is a professional, licensed and insured private investigations firm. With our headquarters located in Wichita, Kansas, our private investigators offer local and statewide investigations along with a broad range of services to a variety of clients including insurance companies, law firms, corporations and individuals.

Our private investigators Wichita, KS love their work, and it shows.

How can a private eye help you? You might not realize it, but there are many ways. Need a background check conducted for your business? Need help with a child custody battle? Suspect your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Concerned about insurance fraud or embezzlement at your business? Need to vet a potential suitor to make sure he or she is legitimate? Thinking about partnering with someone on a new business but want to make sure he or she checks out OK? Running for political office and need to know what skeletons are in someone’s closet?

Our detectives have your back.

We offer private investigations for all types of businesses, reasons and budgets.

Rest assured that our private investigators are trained for the courtroom and can withstand tough cross-examination in court by lawyers.

Red Spade offers video surveillance for insurance companies seeking to prevent fraud and for individuals and businesses.

We have a professional staff of processing servers who work quickly to get papers served. Process service across the entire state of Kansas is but one of our specialties. Red Spade’s process servers typically have a turnaround time of 48 hours.

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