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Background Searches

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Is there a magical, one-search tool to gain all the necessary information for a background search?

Many investigators claim to be the only way to find the necessary information. That is simply not true. There is a secret to it though. That secret is that there are many tactics, many that are free, and multiple paid databases that allow Investigators access to the sensitive information they are seeking.

Understanding how to use the free services that are publicly accessible and knowing the multitude of resources available can be of great benefit. You could definitely do it yourself if you wanted to. Starting with social media is a great place to start. However, it may require quite a bit of time to gather what you really need. Many investigators have spent years identifying their chosen resource pools to find the necessary information. For example, in our office, we utilize multiple databases (paid and free) to collect the best information and provide the best pieces of evidence for our clients. 

Different databases provide different tools and it is a best practice to not rely on only one for that same reason. Some of these databases collect information from various providers that people have allowed their data to be used by. Some gather from the dark web; some gather through the various subscriptions that people sign up for, and some are sadly collected through malicious identity theft methods. As the information is sold, it is eventually gathered and made available through paid search engines. Open Source Intelligence gathering is another commonly practiced method to find out the dirt you seek on someone. The point is that there are numerous methods and no single one is “best.” 

Our agency has been conducting background searches locally within the State of Kansas and across the nation for over ten years and we utilize a variety of sources depending on what the need is. We even partner with other highly experienced investigators (both locally and internationally) through organizations such as KALI (Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators) or INTELLENET if needed. The combination of resources often provides the best evidence that is available to be gathered.

No, there is not a magical, one-search tool to gain all the necessary information for a background search. Additionally, we are not one simple keystroke away from having the “facial recognition” or quick access into a person’s every “little dark secret” or “offshore secret bank accounts.” Sure, this type of evidence can be found, but not without hours of relentless, persistent, timely and sometimes costly investigations. 

In our agency, we encourage that you gather what you can with the tools available to you. After you have gathered that, then contact us to schedule a consultation to see how we can uncover even more of the evidence or information that you are looking for.