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Red Spade Investigations is the top choice for security, surveillance, and background checks nationwide and process serving and skip tracing in Kansas.

You can count on Red Spade for:

Security or armed surveillance overwatch for human resources during exit interviews.

Not every employee exit interview is safe. The Red Spade team will provide armed security during the exit interview process to ensure your team is protected when dismissing an employee.

Background checks for potential employees.

Hiring the right people, especially in the financial sector, casino, or armored truck industry is vital. Red Spade has access to databases not found on internet sites. If there is a past issue, we will find it with our background checks and help protect your property and your business. You may also choose to do background checks for due diligence to learn more about potential business partners or for personal reasons such as vetting who you are going to marry.

Process services and skip tracing to find those who are either on the run, or who need to be served with criminal charges or civil lawsuits.

We provide simple newly updated addresses through investigative database sources and years of developed practices or intensive search efforts through extensive training in OSINT (open-source intelligence) practices. We find who you need, fast.

Surveillance investigations for insurance fraud investigations, workers' compensation fraud, suspected FMLA/EEOC fraud, civil matters, and domestic issues such as child custody, divorce or cheating spouse.

Our trained professionals can conduct surveillance electronically, by observation, in interviews and through audio or video. When you need to find out the truth, Red Spade Investigations can help.

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